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Helpful Stress Management Techniques

The fast paced World does not always allow for those who need help to slow down and ask for it. The stress of everyday life can take a toll on our bodies, mind, and spirituality. When stress is left unaddressed it can take a happy person and change them into something else. Higgins Counseling Services, a marriage & family therapist in Boynton Beach can help with advice and counseling.

While most counseling professionals would love to be able to help face-to-face, we know that is not always an option. For those who are suffering from stress and it’s ill effects, here are some at-home stress management techniques:

  1. Deep breathing: close your eyes, focus on breathing deeply to relax your mind and body.
  2. Get organized: manage your time closely. When you have a great grasp on your time commitments, you can reduce stress.
  3. Positive feedback: give yourself positive feedback. Recognize when you are doing a good job. Positive self talk leads to decreased stress.
  4. Get sleep: adults need about 8 hours of sleep. Take advantage of rest, it will help your mind to relax.
  5. Exercise: exercise produces endorphins. Exercise also helps you feel good about yourself. Also, sometimes it is nice to sweat out your frustrations.
  6. Eat well: your body should be fed only high-quality foods. Your body craves proper vitamins & minerals. You’ll see a change in energy with proper foods.
  7. Take “relaxing” breaks: Take 20 min here and there throughout the day to enjoy something; reading, scrapbooking, video games, etc. You cannot push aside things that you love.
  8. Prepare the night before: prep meals, books, work, etc. the night before. It will help you avoid mishaps.
  9. Get a planner: write down EVERYTHING. This way you will not forget anything.
  10. Plan a getaway: 1 day a week should be set aside for YOU. Enjoy your day. Those who look forward to something are less stressed.

If professional help is needed, Higgins Counseling Services is here to help. We offer compassionate counseling services to improve your quality of life. Call today!