1. Benefits of having intimacy in marriages.

    What is Marital Intimacy? Intimacy is the closeness of your relationship with your spouse—emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, sexually, and in many other ways. Intimacy is not an end goal but rather a journey that last throughout your marriage. Marriage and family researchers, Schaefer and Olson (1981) describe attaining intimacy as “a process that occurs over time and is never completed…Read More

  2. Helpful Stress Management Techniques

    The fast paced World does not always allow for those who need help to slow down and ask for it. The stress of everyday life can take a toll on our bodies, mind, and spirituality. When stress is left unaddressed it can take a happy person and change them into something else. Higgins Counseling Services, a marriage & family therapist in Boynton Beach can help with advice and counseling. While mo…Read More

  3. Effects of Stress on Emotional Health

    Stress is a natural emotional response.  Some types of stress are positive and others can be quite negative. Each person has their own way to deal with the effects of everyday stress. Some of these are healthy and some, not so healthy. Did you know that excess stress levels can affect your overall health from the immune system to emotional health? Small amounts of stress are quite natural and w…Read More